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The Canva Way: How To Use Canva & Quickly Become A Design Rockstar!

I’m not a design guy, I might be good at strategy, marketing, content, etc… but design and me… oil and water… but I love Canva and I LOVE what Guy Kawasaki said in a recent interview with Jason Wiser on Get on Track, Stay on Track… Guy said to Jason about design, “You gotta man up!” So, this is me taking that same challenge… Manning up and wow, is Canva easy! As soon as I saw it… I was thinking streamlined design…obvious what to do… simple… Good for me since it’s 5:00am and I am starting my day.

How To Use Canva

I started on the home page of Canva… Choose from the following options: Pinterest, Social Media, Presentation, Poster, Facebook Cover, Blog graphic, Document (A4) < What is that??? , Card, Photo Collage, Business Card, Invitation, Facebook Ad and it includes option, “Use custom dimension” to the top right of these frames.


  I selected Poster, then I was shown a number of really cool layouts…

Canva design options

  I scrolled down a bit and thought this one was nice to start with:

Canva poster

  And with a quick, grab, drop and snap… The fun was just starting…

Canva layouts

  I wanted to change the background color: All I had to do was click the background layer, see the grey color circle, select it and BAM… color options… Easy 1, easy 2, and easy 3…

Canva usability

  Next, I wanted to change the Text in each of the, whatever they are called, “areas”… So, it was obvious, just double click, and change the text:

Canva designs

  After the clicks and changes, I was done with the text adjustments and truly… Canva… Amazing Experience…  I’m having a blast with it!

Canva made easy

  Now, that icon at the top was looking pretty dull… So… I tried some more clicking, color changing and whoa… again, this was easy as anything!

How Canva works

  So, total time to create the below design… Including sign up and all that good stuff… Maybe 7 minutes… And this is just the start… Introducing my first Canva!


  The only other thing to do was publish and that to was clear and simple… Just locate the “Link & Publish” button to the top right…

4-25-2014 6-19-16 AM

My Canva Experience/h3> Well, that’s it… what did I learn about My Canva Experience?
  • Canva is easy to use even at 5:00am
  • Design doesn’t have to be painful
  • Creativity is contagious… be creative
  • Canva is easy even for a design novice like me
  • Listen to Guy Kawasaki, “Man Up” about design!
  Like My Canva design says, Sign Up for Canva… It’s really awesome!

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