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businessman-earnBeing effective with inbound marketing tactics is all about delivering value above and beyond the needs of your core audience. The goal is to turn your website and social media platforms into the primary resource for all of the information, tools, and services related to your business and your niche. Create enough value in your website’s content and you’ll earn the trust of strangers who find it searching for related topics, they’ll share it with a friend, and you’ll have the opportunity to convert both. Learn how these inbound marketing tactics turn your business into a go-to resource people love:

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Performing a Comprehensive Technical & Content Audit

Back to Top Effective search engine optimization is only possible if you understand how you’re currently performing and how you need to change. Nexus Affects will perform a comprehensive technical and content audit on your site so you can understand exactly how you need to move forward. Through the process of auditing your site and all its pages in-depth, we will be able to guide your site to greater success.

We can help you with the following elements through our auditing process:

• Perform diagnostic analysis using a number of industry-standard tools • Determine if duplicate content exists • Ensure search-engine-crawler accessibility • Find errors and other potential problems “under the hood” of your site • Evaluate the ease with which visitors can navigate to key content • Ensure that all copy is written for maximum Search Engine Optimization

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Creating and Managing Your Business Blog

Back to Top Maintaining an authoritative blog presence is one of the best ways to attract customers to your business. Nexus Affects will manage all aspects of creating and maintaining a regular, consistent blog presence that will boost your status significantly. We’ll help you set up your blog, create expert content, analyze your blog’s effectiveness and make positive adjustments over time.

With our blog management services, you will:

• Attract more prospects to your business • Locate keywords that can help you rank your site more highly in search results • Post content that will present you as an authority in your industry • Stay current with blogging best practices • Ensure that calls to action, comments and other important elements are managed properly

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Managing Your Social Media Presence

Back to Top Social media is capable of producing nearly twice the number of leads as other marketing methods like PPC and telemarketing, which is why you need to make sure your social media presence is managed properly We will work with you to establish a strong social media presence, and we’ll ensure that you provide engaging content on a regular basis. Nexus Affects will also make sure that your social media interactions lead to an increase in visitors and conversions.

Our social media management services will help you:

• Attract more followers on the most popular platforms • Increase overall awareness of your brand • Publicize your website, your blog and other elements of your online presence • Analyze the effectiveness of your social campaigns • Build on your the popularity of your business • Connect with other influential individuals and businesses

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Writing and Promoting eBooks

Back to Top When leads require more in-depth information about your business, eBooks give you the opportunity to provide detailed, thorough and authoritative content. Nexus Affects will work with you to formulate a plan to provide long-form content solutions to your leads in the form of eBooks. We will handle all aspects of the eBook creation and publishing process from initial concepts to the final design.

We will help you with the eBook publishing process by:

• Performing interviews to determine the proper approach • Analyzing your existing content in order to create a plan for new material • Providing a number of professional layout options • Incorporating elements such as images, tables, lists and more • Providing various cover design options • Promoting your eBook to targeted audiences and potential leads

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Managing Your Paid Search Campaigns

Back to Top Managing your paid search campaigns is essential if you want to maximize the number of people who can find you online. We will help you stay on top of your paid search campaigns, and we’ll provide detailed reports to show you the effectiveness of your endeavors. With our help, you can rest assured that your paid search efforts are constantly working for you and your business.

Our paid search campaign management services will help you:

• Focus on running your business while we do the heavy lifting for you • Ensure that high-quality, targeted visitors find you • Understand how your paid search efforts impact your bottom line • Leverage your industry authority to attract potential clients • Expedite the process of building your brand’s following

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Managing Your Newsletter Campaigns

Back to Top An effective newsletter campaign helps you keep in contact with your company’s best leads while giving you the ability to continuously promote your products and services. We will handle every aspect of your newsletter campaign from designing the layout to creating and publishing regular, consistent content. Nexus Affects will make sure you provide a steady stream of great information in a manner your leads will appreciate.

Here’s how our newsletter management services can help you:

• Creation of lists featuring qualified newsletter recipients • Configuration of newsletter software to your specific campaign • Quality control through proofing and sending test emails • Assigning a specific writer to your newsletter to capture your unique voice • Choosing targeted topics that can help you leverage your industry authority • Creating engaging, topical content on a regular basis

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Managing Your Outreach & Online Promotion Efforts

Back to Top Performing outreach and online promotion is crucial if you want your business to attain maximum visibility. Nexus Affects will work directly with you to establish methods of outreach and online promotion that keep you visible in the public’s eye. Through our comprehensive process, we will ensure that your business remains on the cutting edge of your industry.

These are some of the ways we can help you:

• Gathering information about your existing promotional efforts • Continuous research of outreach and promotion trends that will benefit you • Setting up and monitoring tracking tools for your efforts • Identifying your objectives clearly and crafting campaigns to help you reach them • Implementing your new approach quickly and thoroughly • Making necessary adjustments to your strategy

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