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Read This Before You Buy SEO Services

Buy SEO ServicesMarketing a business online is a priority of many businesses these days. SEO is often a mystical and misunderstood part of the equation.

I usually see a knee-jerk reaction from businesses on these sorts of initiatives. They know they need to be marketing through social and search and the web but they don’t necessarily understand it all. Before you buy SEO services, consider the following:

Do you Really Need SEO Services?

an audienceNot all forms of marketing are good for all businesses. Just because one company has a ton of success with SEO doesn’t mean another one will. You have to be sure your target audience is using search.

Not only that, you also have to be sure they are using search in a way that makes sense for you to buy SEO services in order to reach them. For example a residential irrigation company would be a prime candidate for local SEO services whereas an industrial cooking oil purification company would have more luck with other channels.

Not all consumers of products use search engines to find what they are looking to buy. In general, B2B companies are likely to have more success with other forms of online marketing like email campaigns, display advertising or industry relevant groups and forums as opposed to consumer driven search.

Are You Ready To Buy SEO Services?

websiteSo your company might be a prime candidate for optimization in search but your website may not be.  An SEO company or professional that doesn’t take into account the structure of your website in their analysis is probably suspect.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some changes that websites need even if they are in good shape but in general, you need a good foundation to start with. For example your site should be logically organized and easy to navigate. It shouldn’t be so poorly designed that when users find it in search, they end up leaving anyway because they are having a bad experience.

Get an opinion on your overall website design and content architecture (either from an SEO or from a web designer) before you look to buy SEO services. You can save yourself some headache and time by getting your foundation right first and then focusing on marketing.

Which SEO Services Do You Need?

choice of keysOptimizing a website to rank well in search is a multi-faceted process. Sometimes companies specialize in one area or another and sometimes they take care of everything. For instance there is on-site or on-page optimization which has to do with your website itself. Then there are off-site factors like building links, developing a presence on other properties and in social.

Sometimes a website will already have good on-page optimization and the focus should be on off-site factors. Other times they will be starting from scratch and need a ton of work. Then there are cases when another SEO company has done damage with their work that needs to be cleaned up. Get an appraisal of your site from a good SEO on what exactly needs to happen and why before you buy.

Get a Second Opinion

Before you buy SEO services, get a second opinion on your site. At the very least you’ll get peace of mind that there are concurring opinions. At most you could save yourself from a bad company. There are also different schools of thought when it comes to optimization. You might have one company emphasizing some tactics and not others. The point is it never hurts to get more than one perspective.

What tactics have you used to find the right SEO services?  What made you decide you needed SEO?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.  

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