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Embeddable Infographics for Link Bait

InfographicsIn the world of SEO, there are fewer and fewer tactics that search engines approve of in terms of building links.  If you’ve taken the high road, you know it can be a challenge to get other site owners to put links to your pages on their site let alone configure them the way you want.  Alternatively, you can make great content that people will want to link to or that they can share on their own websites.  Infographics are a fantastic way to accomplish that and they are easier to make than you might think.

The Data

Your first step is to find some good data for your audience.  After all, infographics are just visually appealing ways to display data.  If you don’t have good data, your infographic won’t be as impactful as it otherwise could be.

You also want your infographic to have some credibility.  You should put the source of your data in the image itself.  This helps people know that the data is good and enables them to get more information if they so desire.  It also covers your butt should someone call you out on it.

Here are some good places to look for data:

That’s just a fraction of the wealth of information floating around the web.  Here is a great post that includes dozens of other sources of information.

graphicThe Graphic

So this is a two-part process.  One is the info and the other is the graphic (hence the term infographic).  Most infographics on the web are pretty well-made.  It might look like a daunting task but it’s actually pretty easy to make one.

Before we get into making the actual image, keep in mind that you should start simple.

  • Use images to describe data statements.  (i.e. 20% of Americans own a boat – graphic of multiple stick people combined with graphic of boat and block-letter 20 and percentage symbol)
  • Subscribe to a graphics or images account.  FYI Shutterstock is an excellent source for graphics.
  • Use a free or paid infographic service (more on this in a moment)

If you are using a stock image service, you will need to have some other resources and skills at your disposal.  For instance you should have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and access to the program.  Stock image sites can also be pricey so unless you’re planning on making lots of infographics or using the account for something else, you will want to leverage my next suggestion.  You can also leverage free image editing programs like Gimp however if you don’t know how to use these, the process will take much longer.

Use Infographic Generation Websites

These are services that allow you to make simple infographics (in some cases for free).  The benefit here is that you don’t have to think when it comes to design and layout.

Piktochart LogoPiktochart

Piktochart is a service that allows users to build attractive infographics.  You can start a free account and make a free infographic but there will be Piktochart branding on it and you don’t get a ton of template options.

For a very reasonable starting price of 14 bucks per month though, you can get access to over 100 professional themes and cut out the branding.

Infogram is another free infographic creation tool.  At the time of this writing there aren’t any paid plans for this service.  Users can make visually appealing and informative infographics that are embeddable.

The catch to a lot of these free services is that you have to live with their branding on your designs.  Considering the cost and skill involved in building an infographic from scratch, the branding may be worth it.  These aren’t the only two services out there and a simple search reveals tons of other options you can try.

Linking Opportunities

The cool part about infographics is that people want to share them instead of linking to your site.  You can give them the opportunity to embed an image on their own blogs by providing a tool for them to do it.

Siege Media has a sweet tool where all you have to do is paste in some information about your site and your image.  The tool then generates some code that you copy and paste into your blog post or web page.

Siege Media Embed Code Generator

Visitors to your page can copy the embed code and paste it into their own blog posts or web pages effectively creating  a new link back to your site.

Infographics are a prime example of “good content” that attracts links to your site.  You aren’t always going to be able to build a lot of good links manually to your web pages but if you can make awesome content, people will be more likely to build links to your site.

Have you ever used an infographic to make links?  How did you get it done?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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