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10 Tips for Finding Bloggers for Hire

ink-wellNot everyone is a writer. In fact, few people do it well, and even fewer are capable of writing well for a business. Companies often struggle with creating content that users find helpful when they start their blogs. They may be reluctant to have others perform the work for them, but the truth is that hiring a blogger is a great way to free up time and create more impactful online marketing. If you’re considering hiring a blogger for your business, you just have to be sure to provide ample direction.

Look for Niche Writers or Bloggers

The content you produce has to be relevant and useful to your target market, and chances are there are already bloggers out there (who aren’t your competition) who can help you. Use services like Google Blog Search to find websites with curators who write about content that would generate a favorable response from your audience. Reach out to those people through email or phone. Ask if they would be interested in submitting guest posts to your company blog on a regular basis (if you like their samples and style, that is). The good thing about finding people who are already writing about things related to your business (and who aren’t your competition) is that they are passionate. People who like to write about the content you are looking to produce can do it well.

inhouseFind Internal Talent

If your company or department is large enough, look to hire within. I’m a fan of always trying to do as much as possible in-house. It’s easier to control what goes on and achieve results with someone inside an organization. Send out an email blast asking if people have writing skills and if they would be interested in contributing to the company blog. The tricky part with this scenario is payment. People who do more at work expect to be compensated for it. That may or may not be practical depending on your organization’s structure. If someone is good enough and willing to help, you should always offer the fairest compensation you can provide within your power.

Use a Content Generation Service

There are tons of content production services on the web. These are businesses that take orders based on instructions from clients, then have freelance writers produce the content. Some services are better than others, so make sure you do your homework and read reviews. You can usually submit an order and have it returned within a few days, depending on the size and type of content. In general, the more you pay, the higher quality and better researched the writing will be.

craigslistContract People Through Craigslist

Results will vary for this one, but if you are fishing for ideas, why not test it out? You can protect yourself by asking people to submit samples before you commit to anything. Craigslist allows you to reach thousands of people for free. Yes, there is a chance you might get a lot of low-quality inquiries, but there are also a lot of smart people looking for freelance work out there.

Check Out Blogger Job Boards

These are similar to freelance sites, except listings consist exclusively of bloggers looking for blog-related jobs. This might seem insignificant, but it’s actually very important. Blogging takes a lot more personality and skill than regular copy writing. You have to be able to generate content that is useful, entertaining, has personality and that an audience can relate with. Blogger job boards are usually full of people who have their own successful blogs or who are experienced with blogging.

Look for Someone with Expertise on Your Industry

Finding someone who knows about your industry, products and services will serve you well. When bloggers write about topics that they don’t have firsthand knowledge of, they must take more time to perform research. This can potentially cost more money and take more time. The other downside to having a writer who isn’t familiar with your industry is that they can’t easily write well about it. When you know details about an industry, you can be more creative with your writing. Content comes more freely when this is the case, and a blogger can create much more useful content.

forumIndustry Forums

People who have a lot of firsthand knowledge about an industry can usually be found on forums around the web. If you participate in any online forums, these are good places to find freelance bloggers. Sometimes forums will even have sections where you can hire people to perform writing work for you.

Social Media Networks

If you have a professional network on LinkedIn, Google Plus or some other social network, put out the feelers to find a writer. You can also use networks to find bloggers who have shared links to work they’ve already done. Look at profiles on your network to learn about skills that your connections possess. Many times (and especially on sites like LinkedIn), people will upload projects or past experiences that you can look at to determine if they could blog for you.

cap-booksCollege Campuses

College students are good prospects for blogging because they are relatively inexpensive and typically good writers. This channel can be hit or miss, though. Even though students are smart, they can be unreliable for long-term projects. Get a hold of some listservs that you can send an email to about part-time or contract-blogging work. Alternatively, you could go the old fashioned route and throw up some fliers around bulletin boards on campus.

Find Someone with These Traits

Ultimately, no matter where you find someone, you have to ensure they are the right fit. They should be passionate about the subject matter. You’ll want someone who is dependable and able to meet deadlines. Communication is also a huge factor. When it comes down to it, you want someone who will get back with you right away, keep you informed on how things are shaping up and take ownership of their work. Do you have any additional tips to share when it comes to finding excellent bloggers? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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